Welcome (Shape your own future!)

In the project of „Shapes“ three secondary schools from the Czech Republic, Greece and Turkey enhance the European dimension of education by promoting joint cooperation activities among them.  They study regular geometrical shapes and symmetry around us and this way they would like to contribute to a decrease in the number of cases of underachievement.

20161024_163859Partnership shows geometry as a part of our life and as a part of the nature around us,  gets a new view of the world around us, explains that geometry belongs to the basic knowledge that connects a lot of disciplines, and shows that geometry can be interesting and amusing.

The common work and short-term exchanges of groups of pupils teach the participants about countries and their cultures, improve the language knowledge, motivate them to study languages, show how to work in international teams and contribute to building new Europe. Besides short-term exchanges transnational project meetings are organized.

Main activities of the project are: taking and making photos of regular shapes around us, visits of galleries and museums, competitions in painting and creating regular shapes, competitions in puzzles, CLIL lessons and preparation of materials that help teachers teach geometry in an interesting way.

The most crucial results are: a common catalogue of cards with regular shapes around us with explanations of the shapes, stories named „Back in history“, presentations on regular shapes, CLIL lessons, sets of geometrical puzzles, a multilingual geometrical minidictionary and works of art.